Ductwork problems can lead to energy loss, so you need to make sure the condition of this component is intact; otherwise, you will see a significant increase in your energy bills. Holes, leaks, and gaps in duct connections can all lead to air loss and will result in higher energy bills, so if there is a problem, it needs to be addressed right away so that you have an efficient system and lower heating and cooling costs.

The following are the most common commercial air duct problems that increase energy bills:


Corrosion, building renovation, poor installation, and a manufacturer defect are just some of the causes of ductwork leaks, and if this problem is not addressed, it will increase your energy bills. The area where one duct connects to another duct is also susceptible to leaks, and the chewing and clawing from pests can also cause air ducts to leak, so whatever the case may be, it is important that you get your ductwork professionally sealed so that your HVAC system can operate properly and work more efficiently.

Poor Insulation

Air ducts that are poorly insulated will cost more to run because your system will take longer to condition. If your ducts are exposed to the cold during the winter season, it will take time for the air from your heating system to actually warm up the space, and when you turn on your air conditioner in the summer, the air coming out of the vents will not be as cold as you like because it will have to travel through warm ductwork to make its way into the room. You will get the air you desire after a while, but it will take longer, so your HVAC system will be more expensive to run.

Improperly Sealed Grills And Registers

If these components are not properly sealed, they will prevent air from flowing from the ductwork into the space you are trying to condition. This means your HVAC system will require more time and energy to reach the ideal temperature you’re after, so you need to call an HVAC technician to properly seal your grills to prevent air and energy loss.

Damaged Ductwork

Flexible ductwork is especially prone to damage because it is lightweight and can be torn and twisted easily. Mice, rats, and even raccoons can tear up flexible ductwork, so it’s a component that needs to be monitored.

A Poorly Designed Duct System

This will lead to problems with airflow and temperature imbalances, and your HVAC system will work less efficiently as a result. It may be an expensive problem to fix, but it is a must that you repair poorly configured ductwork.

A professional commercial HVAC company will help you lower your energy bills, and the experts at Grayco Air will help you find the best solution for your needs. We specialize in industrial HVAC services, including commercial refrigeration, so if you are in Toronto, contact us today!