Winter’s arrival brings a whole new appreciation for commercial HVAC services in Toronto. When temperatures dip below freezing, you want to trust your heating system is functioning optimally, but at what cost? Heating expenses can raise a significant amount and cause quite a dent in your budget. Cost-effective heating resources are important to ensure the comfort of your employees and customers without overwhelming expenses.

Have you grown tired of your building’s current heating situation consuming half of your utility budget? It’s time to rethink your options and choose a heating system that is more energy-efficient. Here are four alternatives, affordable heating options to keep your employees, customers and yourself warm and comfortable all winter long!

Heat Pumps:

Commercial heat pumps are an extremely reliable and cost-effective heating system candidate. This HVAC system captures cold air and removes it from your commercial or industrial property and keeps the heat from the cold air. Extremely efficient, heat pumps can produce almost four times as much energy as the electricity powering them. They also do not rely on fossil fuels to function, making them a more environmentally friendly solution.


A central heating system, such as a furnace that is a forced air operation, is perfectly suited for industrial buildings or offices. It emits consistent heat to warm the entire building and works effectively and efficiently. Heating water or air in a single place, it is then distributed through pipes and vents to reach every floor of every room in the building. Controlled by the thermostat, you have access to the temperature within the building.

Radiant Heating

This type of heating system utilizes the pipes in the building, however, it has a boiler filled with water or oil which heats the home. This system is far quieter than a furnace and does not produce forced heat. It’s an extremely cost-effective heating choice, as it costs less on energy bills than other units. Although the installation itself may be more expensive, it is a sensible investment in the long-term. The system produces and transfers the heat from underneath the floors of the building, rises, and distributes across the property.

Solar Heating:

The most environmentally responsible heating solution, solar heating systems are solar panels installed on the exterior of your building. The panels collect and consume energy during the day from the sun and harvest it. Once the heat gets to the panels from coils, it is distributed to metal coins in the commercial/industrial building. When you turn the heat on, you’re experiencing free UV rays from the sun!

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