While there are several types of HVAC systems, they all fall into two general categories: residential or commercial. Even though both systems have the same job, there are a substantial number of differences between theme. It is important to know how to tell them apart when you are shopping for a new HVAC system in Toronto to ensure you get the best for your building.

Complexity and Size

Most commercial HVAC systems are more complicated and much more extensive than residential HVAC systems for obvious reasons. Mainly because most businesses are much bigger than the average residential home and require more substantial and robust HVAC systems to meet their demands.

Businesses also have different cooling and heating demands than homes. For example, in a house, the heat or air conditioner will more or less always be set at the same temperature throughout the building. Most businesses require different temperatures throughout the building that can be independently adjusted of one another. Conference rooms and other large meeting rooms, for example, often have to be kept colder than surrounding rooms because of the number of people in them.


Most HVAC systems are split systems with parts located both outsides and inside the building. In residential systems, the outdoor components are usually located on the side of the house or in the backyard. When you need residential HVAC services in Toronto, a contractor can easily access these areas.

Commercial systems typically have more of their parts on the roof of a building. That is because there may not be enough room outside the building and space inside can be put to better use. Installing an HVAC system on the roof also makes the building quieter and more accessible for contractors to get to it without disrupting daily activities.


In addition to the variances in complexity and location, there are many other variations in the manufacturing and design of residential and commercial HVAC systems. The most significant difference is that a new residential HVAC system will be installed as a standalone system. It is specially designed for the individual home and is difficult or even impossible to move or modify.

Commercial HVAC systems are usually modular systems. Each piece is designed to fit into packages so that they can be moved as needed. If the time comes to modify certain parts of the system, it is much simpler to do so that way.

Other differences in the layout relate to the considerable amount of work commercial HVAC systems have to perform. For example, commercial systems need more drainage because of the amount of condensation that it produces.

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