Commercial refrigeration maintenance is usually not a top priority for most restaurant managers in their list of things to do as long as the fridge is functioning efficiently. However, it is imperative to know that your refrigeration equipment is likely to encounter several dangerous issues if appropriate preventive maintenance is not carried out regularly. It is quite natural to not think about unexpected breakdowns, harmful mold growth, and diminishing energy efficiency when your refrigeration equipment is functioning properly.

But sometimes, even when your refrigeration equipment is functioning properly and the cooling seems to be normal, regular preventive commercial refrigeration maintenance is a must for continued success and usage. Here is why regular commercial fridge maintenance is very important.

Energy efficiency

Commercial refrigeration equipment uses a lot more energy compared to a domestic fridge. They are designed to accommodate a massive amount of food and keep food items fresh and long-lasting. But due to extensive use, a commercial fridge is also much more prone to issues like drain line clogs or loose seals, which, over a period of time, can compromise the efficiency of your equipment and increase your energy bills. It may take some time for you to realize that your energy bills have hiked and your seemingly efficient refrigeration equipment is to be blamed for it. Regular maintenance and checking of your refrigeration equipment will ensure that possible small issues are resolved as quickly as possible and you do not have to bear the brunt of high energy costs for long. Also, regularly maintained refrigeration equipment will not have to pressure its system to produce the required amount of cooling needed to keep your food healthy and consumable.

Extends Life of Kitchen Equipment

A commercial fridge is a piece of expensive equipment but a necessity for well-functioning establishments like a hotel or restaurant. It is natural that as an owner you may want the fridge to function normally for as long as possible. Without a regular maintenance schedule, minor problems occurring with the equipment over a period of time can quickly escalate into big issues. And before you know it, you may be looking at dealing with huge replacement costs. To prolong your commercial fridge’s life and to save on replacement costs, regular maintenance is a must.

Improve the Safety and Quality of Food

For any restaurant, grocery store or other food and beverage establishments, one thing that is of utmost importance is maintaining the quality of the product they are serving or delivering to their customers. If your refrigeration equipment is not maintained and properly cleaned, your customers will not be receiving a top-quality product. Any kind of moist conditions or debris occurring in refrigeration appliances is a major breeding ground for bacteria like salmonella, norovirus, E. Coli, botulism, etc. Mold growth also results in the faster decaying of food. Your commercial fridge must be regularly cleaned and maintained to preserve the safety and quality of food.

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