Grayco Air provides professionally installed and quality industrial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services that are guaranteed to provide your industrial facility with each one of its needs regarding these components. Industrial HVAC is crucial in the proper functioning and facilitation of industrial settings, which often contain sensitive equipment and items that require specific storage conditions. Grayco Air is capable of working with different equipment from a number of major manufacturers. Whether its new high efficiency furnace installation, repair, maintenance, or retrofit, you can rely on Grayco Air to get the job done.

All of Grayco Air’s services are carried out by experienced professionals. The installation of HVAC components in your industrial facility is guaranteed to be fast and efficient. We understand that industrial locations are often fast-paced environments, and that is why all Grayco Services are done with this in mind. Grayco Air’s two decades of experience working in the industrial environment is what helps us make your facility operate at its peak abilities.

Industrial Heating

Heating is very important for many industrial facilities. Grayco Air provides quality industrial heating systems that are quickly and professionally installed, providing any industrial environment with the heating it needs to function, especially when the weather gets colder. Our industrial heating services include radiant heaters, electric boilers, suspended furnaces, heat pumps, and steam, hot water and domestic boilers.

All of Grayco Air’s industrial heating systems are installed based on the specifications put forth by the industrial facility we are servicing. This means there are no oversights and no misinformation when it comes to installation. Installation is fast and easy thanks to our professional and highly-experienced technicians. They will work around your schedule to ensure the installation process interferes with regular routines and operations as little as possible.

In order to ensure your industrial heating system lasts long and performs consistently well, regular maintenance is required. Grayco Air offers this service along with installation as a way of assuring you of our commitment to our products. Should any component of the heating system fail, Grayco Air can replace it. With all of these services, you can count on Grayco Air to provide you with everything you need to keep your industrial heating system in check and maintain your current level of production.

Industrial Ventilation

Grayco Air can provide your industrial facility with a proper and reliable ventilation system. Our products are the solution to keeping your facility’s air clean and regularly cycled. In a busy environment that is full of sensitive equipment, proper ventilation is key in ensuring workers and materials are kept safe and protected from less than ideal air quality. Our industrial ventilation services include the installation of dust collectors, make-up air units, and exhaust fans for locations such as underground parking garages, washrooms, processing facilities, and paint booths.

The proper installation of ventilation systems is the most important aspect. At Grayco Air, we are committed to quality and will work with you to install what is needed where it is needed every time. Our technicians are experienced professionals that know how to get the job done right. Installations will always be done in a courteous and timely manner, keeping in mind the regular routines and procedures your industrial facility uses throughout the day and working around them so as not to cause any inconvenience or delays.

Proper maintenance is also required to keep ventilation systems operating properly, and this is also something Grayco Air can provide. Should any component of your new ventilation system fail or break, we can provide a replacement.

Industrial Air Conditioning

Grayco Air’s industrial air conditioning services are exactly what your industrial facility needs in order to maintain cool temperatures in specific areas and in the warmer summer months. Unlike commercial air conditioning, industrial air conditioning standards are determined by the processes that are taking place in the environment, rather than worker preference. Many pieces of equipment are sensitive to even the slightest changes in temperature, which makes a properly functioning air conditioning system necessary. The objective is usually to control temperature, humidity, and air quality parameters.

Grayco Air’s industrial air conditioning systems are installed professionally and without interference to regular procedures. Our specialty in designing, installing, and maintaining cooling systems is the only solution you need to address production requirements such as humidity control for drying processes, dust control, and static pressure control.

Having your industrial facility outfitted with an air conditioning system from Grayco Air is your best choice for a professional and results-oriented solution that your facility requires in order to maintain quality standards and productivity levels. With professional design, installation, maintenance, and replacement services, you can be sure you are making the right choice when you go with Grayco Air. We are equipment-agnostic and we work around specific process requirements to design and source the best equipment available on the market.

Industrial Refrigeration

Refrigeration systems are especially important for industries that rely on colder temperatures to keep their products fresh. This includes industries such as seafood preparation, meat processing, fresh fruit and vegetables, and chemical products. At Grayco Air, we offer quality refrigeration systems that are professionally designed, installed, and maintained by experienced professionals. Our refrigeration services include refrigeration systems, chilled-water systems, and ice-flaking systems.

Refrigeration installation does not have to be a complicated process, and mistakes can easily be avoided when you go with a quality supplier like Grayco Air. The difference lies in our experience and our need to satisfy each and every one of our clients.