Grayco Air provides top quality HVAC services for commercial buildings that include installation, ongoing maintenance, repair and replacements. Grayco is known for upholding a policy for quality workmanship and performance, and work towards on time completion, in-house engineering and proven construction management. With a team of highly skilled and certified professionals, we offer a great range of commercial HVAC services and installations to any job that we do.

We understand that every facility that we are called to are unique and that each commercial HVAC system installation requires its own custom design and installation considerations.

Our expertly trained HVAC technicians are able to systematically install, repair and maintain any commercial HVAC equipment for your building(s). Some of the specific services that we provide are:

  • Commercial air conditioning (installation, maintenance and repairs)
  • Commercial heating (installation, maintenance and repairs)
  • Commercial furnace and boiler repairs

Commercial Heating

Having proper heating for commercial buildings is important and Grayco Air realizes that and provides high quality heating services for any commercial buildings. We can provide a full extent of heating surfaces for any commercial building, whether it is large or small and provide custom maintenance that is best for your heating unit(s). With an extensive range of experience in assisting commercial buildings with HVAC repair, maintenance and installation, Grayco can provide solutions to any of your commercial heating needs. We provide a variety of heating services for commercial HVAC systems which include:

  • Regular furnace maintenance
  • Regular boiler maintenance
  • Commercial furnace repair
  • Commercial boiler repair

Our team of expert HVAC technicians have the knowledge and skills to easily work on all types of commercial HVAC systems. With regards to commercial heating, some of the components that they can perform maintenance and repairs are on: commercial furnaces, commercial boilers, and repairing/replacing any components that require commercial furnace or commercial boiler repair.

Grayco Air can install all types of major brands of commercial heating, and will undergo continued system performance and maintenance to ensure that all of your commercial heating systems are running efficiently for maximum comfort, especially during those cold winter months.

Commercial Ventilation

Having proper ventilation in commercial buildings is important because it enables clean and breathable air free of any dust and allergens. Grayco Air provides a full extent of services for those who are having trouble with ventilation systems in commercial buildings. We can provide your commercial facility with the proper and reliable ventilation systems, to make sure that your facility’s air is clean and regularly cycled. The HVAC system is an important component for commercial buildings and we understand that having clean, breathable air contributes to healthy building conditions.

Some of the top notch services that we offer for commercial ventilation are:

  • Gas detection
  • Ventilation actuators and dampers
  • Ventilation, exhaust and air makeup systems (electric, gas)

We provide ventilation services to locations such as restaurants (where it is important to have a good ventilation system running in the kitchen), retail stores, office buildings, fitness facilities, hotels and more. Our team of expert HVAC technicians will respond to any call, emergency or otherwise, and provide exemplary services to install, repair or maintain any ventilation systems. We will do any services in a timely manner and ensure that the job is done right.

Commercial Air Conditioning

Grayco Air offers premium air conditioning services for commercial buildings. It is not always easy to successfully operate a commercial building – the happiness of your tenants, customers and visitors are important. One of the main ways to keep them happy is to ensure a regulated and comfortable temperature throughout your building.

We ensure that our customers will remain cool in those warm summer months. Doing regular maintenance will help your cooling system continue to work as efficiently as possible while keeping those utility bill costs low. With A/C issues that range from excessive noise to the compressor that stopped working, we can help fix any problem.

Grayco Air offers top-quality services for commercial air conditioning with include:

  • A/C tune-ups: reveal any potential problems with your cooling system and correct them before any major damage occurs.
  • A/C repair
  • Installing a new A/C
  • A/C maintenance: ensures that the unit(s) are functioning at maximum efficiency

Commercial Refrigeration

Refrigeration for commercial buildings is highly important, especially for those who own restaurants and grocery stores. It is the only way to preserve the freshness of foods and beverages. The same applies for installing and maintaining walk-in coolers for bars and restaurants. If maintenance is not done immediately, then it runs the risk of spoiling the foods and beverages which can have a financial impact on your business. Grayco Air provides premium refrigeration services for any type of refrigeration needs. We offer quality commercial refrigeration systems that are professionally designed, installed, and maintained by experienced professionals. We work with a wide variety of unit styles and will provide services to ensure its quality, performance and energy efficiency. Some of the refrigeration services that Grayco provides are:

  • Refrigerant containment and recovery
  • Installation, repair and maintenance for coolers, freezers, walk-ins, reach-ins and other special applications

Our refrigeration systems can provide your commercial facility with energy efficient technologies and safe system implementation. At Grayco Air, our refrigeration systems are always built to last, meaning that you will not have to worry about malfunctions taking up your valuable time and will make maintaining your new refrigeration system easy!