Commercial refrigeration
Commercial refrigeration

Commercial Refrigeration Services

When it comes to commercial buildings, refrigeration is highly important, especially for establishments such as restaurants and grocery stores. Commercial refrigeration is the only way to preserve food and beverages, to ensure they stay fresh for long periods of time. This same concept is applied when installing and maintaining walk-in coolers for bars and restaurants. Refrigeration maintenance and services typically need to be done immediately, because there is the risk of spoiling any foods and beverages, which will ultimately lead to a financial loss for your business.

Grayco Air provides premium refrigeration services for any type of refrigeration issue. We also offer quality refrigeration systems that are professionally designed, installed, and maintained by experienced experts. With our experience, we can work with a variety of unit styles and will provide the necessary services to ensure its quality, performance, and energy efficiency.

Refrigeration Repair

Some of the refrigeration services that Grayco Air provides include:

  • Refrigerant containment and recovery
  • Installation, repair and maintenance for coolers, freezers, walk-ins, reach-ins and other special applications.

When it comes to keeping your products cold and fresh, Grayco Air has you covered. With our extensive experience on both large and small scale commercial refrigeration, we are here to help. We offer a myriad of maintenance agreements that can be personalized for our customers to ensure that all commercial refrigeration needs are met. Some of the more specific services that we offer are:

  • Evaporator repair or replacement
  • Adjusting or replacing defrost controls
  • Condenser repair or replacement
  • Compressor repair or replacement
  • Refrigerant leak check or repair
  • Defrosting and troubleshooting frozen coils
  • Evaporator fan repair or replacement
  • Condenser fan repair or replacement

Refrigeration Maintenance

If you expect your commercial refrigeration equipment to perform at its highest efficiency, and to remain functional and reliable, preventative maintenance is a necessity. Usually, when equipment breaks down or isn’t performing well, it is due to the lack of maintenance. All commercial refrigeration equipment needs routine service to keep it in the best operating condition.

Grayco Air provides quality maintenance of your commercial refrigeration with the purpose of maximizing its life time and lowering your operating costs. Our preventative maintenance programs will help ensure that you save money in labour and replacement costs.

Some maintenance procedures that we do are:

  • Checking the evaporators for proper defrosting
  • Check fan motors and blades
  • Check all defrost heaters
  • Clean the evaporator coil surface

And more!

Refrigeration Systems We Serve

Know that when you call on Grayco Air, you can expect quick and honest commercial refrigeration service. Our team of expert technicians will provide you with any recommendations and advice on your equipment needs. We want to work on developing a consistent relationship with our customers. With this in mind, we serve a wide variety of refrigeration systems such as:

  • Refrigeration system installation
  • Soft-serve ice cream machines (cream machine, sugar machine, iced cappuccinos, etc.)
  • Refrigeration system maintenance
  • Ice machines and commercial ice makers
  • Refrigeration system repair
  • Under-bar refrigeration
  • Restaurant refrigeration
  • Worktop and under-counter refrigeration

We also work with a variety of coolers such as open-air coolers, deli coolers, beer coolers, display coolers, and more. We provide installation, maintenance, and repair for freezers such as walk-in freezers, ice cream freezers, and blast freezers.

Our team at Grayco Air can provide commercial refrigeration services that work with any brand you have, depending on your needs.

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    Commercial Refrigeration Services

    Customers We Serve

    Grayco Air prides ourselves on our wide customer base and is happy to say that we have the skills and the experience to work in any commercial establishment to help them with installing, maintaining and repairing their commercial refrigeration. Some of the types of customers we serve are:

    Data Centres

    These centres rely on cool environments with the right humidity, ventilation and air quality in order to have uninterrupted services and to keep files safe. Installing and maintaining an effective cooling system will help protect your data and profits by keeping the data centre cool.


    It is critical for supermarket owners and other food retailers to have a proper cooling and refrigeration maintenance plan in order to adhere to the specific requirements for fresh food such as: humidity, maintenance, cleanliness and physical appearance. Supermarket refrigeration systems are more complex than people realize which is why a skilled team will help maintain all the different components to provide you with reliable cooling.

    Craft Breweries

    We’ve seen that many brewers use cooling systems that were not designed for the immense task set out for them, causing to lose a quantity of beverages that ends up damaging inventory and wasting energy costs in the process. Cooling is essential for the proper development of hops and other ingredients in beer. Storing brewed beer at the proper temperature is the optimal way to maintain its freshness,flavour and aroma. If a refrigeration system in your craft brewery breaks down, the rising temperatures will cause the ingredients in your brewed beer to oxidize; this will affect the taste in a negative way.

    This is why proper refrigeration is vital to keep brews at the best taste possible.

    Area We Serve

    Grayco Air serves the Greater Toronto Area, and more specifically will work within a 100 km radius around Toronto. Our refrigeration systems can provide your commercial establishment with energy efficient technologies and safe system implementation. Our refrigeration systems are built to last, and with proper maintenance, will be virtually malfunction free!