Your commercial HVAC system is essential to ensure the comfort of your employees, clients, and yourself. It’s one of the most durable systems, however, it’s not completely infallible and may eventually require a replacement. It’s not always easy to determine whether your commercial HVAC unit needs to be completely replaced or just requires a few repairs. Fortunately, Grayco Air commercial HVAC experts in Toronto know exactly when an HVAC unit needs to be replaced or repaired.

Read on to learn about the three signs it’s time to replace your commercial HVAC unit.

  • The Commercial HVAC System Is Over 10 Years Old

It’s crucial to the overall comfort of your business to have your commercial HVAC unit replaced at least every 10 years. You may not detect any obvious signs of failure or less than optimal functioning, however, the unit often begins to succumb to wear and tear after 10 years of consistent use. If your HVAC unit has been properly maintained over its duration of use, it may not reveal any prominent issues. However, older commercial HVAC systems will have more difficulty cooling and heating your entire building evenly, which can result in an uncomfortable work environment.

  • Your Energy Bills Have Skyrocketed

A business’s energy bills can rise significantly over the years due to an aging or inefficient commercial HVAC unit. This may be a sign it’s time to have your unit replaced for a more energy-efficient commercial HVAC system. Replacing the unit can save you significantly on utility bills because newer units are designed to deliver the most efficient heating and cooling functioning. In fact, the Department of Energy has found that cooling costs can be reduced as much as 30% when you replace an old HVAC unit.

  • Inconsistent and Uncomfortable Temperatures

If your office or industrial workplace is experiencing inconsistent, uncomfortable temperatures throughout or differing temperatures in each room, the culprit is likely a failing commercial HVAC unit or one that requires maintenance. Several issues, including clogged filters, a damaged thermostat or damaged HVAC motors, can hinder optimal HVAC function. Older commercial HVAC units often lack the power and efficiency to properly cool and/or heat an entire workplace evenly. It’s imperative to contact our commercial HVAC technicians in Toronto to repair any maintenance issues or replace your unit with one that is built to last to ensure that your workplace has optimal comfort. Our industrial HVAC experts will replace your HVAC unit with one that suits the overall size of your commercial property, its layout as well as location.

Grayco Air is committed to providing effective and efficient commercial and industrial properties with the most durable HVAC systems. We also help maintain the HVAC unit with consistent maintenance to ensure it is functioning optimally at all times. Maintaining heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and commercial refrigeration services are what we do best! Contact us for the most trusted workmanship and performance. Request a quote today!