It is not uncommon for many people to be looking for furnace repairs, even if their furnace is brand new. What is the cause of so many faulty furnaces? The answer is inaccurate sizing and bad installation. Many people choose low-cost providers who don’t have the knowledge or experience to help them get the right furnace and eventually have to spend more money on repairs and replacements. Below, we have compiled a list of some things that can go wrong with the wrong furnace and give you tips on how to choose the best installation company.

An Ill-Fitted Furnace Will Wear Out Quicker

With an oversized furnace, you will notice that it turns on and off more frequently because it gets hotter than it should. Your room(s) may get warmer much faster and by a lot, which will cause your furnace’s overheating safety mechanisms to turn on and shut it off. When this occurs frequently and consistently, it can cause your furnace to permanently fail.

On the other hand, when your furnace is too small, it will run much longer than it should, and leave you feeling like your space is never warm enough. You will end up with a furnace that becomes worn out in a short amount of time, due to constant use.

Evidently, with the wrong-sized furnace, you will have much more frequent breakdowns and the life cycle of your furnace will be significantly reduced.

You’ll Spend More Trying to Get It To Work

With an improperly sized furnace, the situation will always be the same: you will need repairs. Frequent repairs equal more money spent on trying to get your furnace to operate properly. It will also impact your heating bill as constantly turning on and off or running for long periods of time is extremely inefficient.

Life-Threatening Consequences

A natural gas furnace produces carbon monoxide, which is an invisible gas that can be fatal if not ventilated properly. When a furnace is being overused, there is a higher chance that the heat exchanger will crack and leak, which will cause carbon monoxide to enter your space.

How Can I Choose A Reputable Company To Do My Furnace Install?


1. Do you Research

There are many companies out there wanting you to choose them for the job, but doing a little research will weed out the good from the bad. Online reviews are a great way to find out whether the company is reputable, and gain insight into the company’s performance from others who have worked with them.

2. Ask Questions

The best way to be comfortable with your decision is to ask questions. A company that is reputable will be able to give you accurate answers in a timely manner.

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