Ductless heating and cooling systems are prevalent because they are efficient, and many homeowners select this type of HVAC system because it provides consistent room comfort. If you are trying to determine whether or not a ductless heating and cooling system is right for you, look at the pros and cons to weigh the differences and make an informed decision.

Most ductless heat pumps or air conditioners consist of a wall-mounted indoor unit combined with an outside compressor. They are generally used where a window AC unit or baseboard heating would be considered. One of the many advantages of a ductless system is that only a very small hole has to be drilled into the wall, making it less vulnerable to air leaks and security problems. They’re also a lot less visible, which many homeowners prefer, and are exceedingly energy-efficient as removing the ducts will prevent energy loss, so you will have a much more efficient system. Additionally, ductless models also have inverter-driven compressors, which speed up and slow down based on your system’s needs instead of shutting off completely, which is what traditional HVAC compressors would do. A lot of energy is consumed during compressor start-up, but this would no longer be the case when you select the ductless option.

However, you will have to deal with up-front costs and regular maintenance, which are viewed as disadvantages. Ductless units cost a lot more than comparable window units or baseboard heating units for a single room solution, and when it comes to a whole house, you will have to pay a lot more to replace your existing central heating and cooling system with a ductless solution. You will enjoy lower energy bills once these initial costs are paid, although the payback will depend on your use of the system, your local electricity rates, and your climate. It is recommended that you do a few calculations to determine whether the advantages of a ductless system outweigh the cons.

Ductless systems are ideal when adding new additions to your homes like a garage apartment or sunroom, for example, as your system will be adequately sized for your new space and will not have to take air from other rooms or add stress to your old HVAC system. Ductless units are also great when you don’t want to heat and cool rooms you are not using and when serving multiple needs under one roof, as ductless can create independent temperature zones in different rooms so your family will no longer have to argue over the thermostat.

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