High-quality kitchen equipment is built to last for many years, but even the best appliances will break down eventually. Ideally, you will recognize when it is time to change your fridge before it stops working and you come home to spoilt food. Here are a few things to look out for:

Strange noises

One of the telltale signs of an appliance on the verge of breaking down is when it starts to make loud, rattling sounds. It may not need to be replaced at this point, but you should contact a specialist to be certain.

Easily eliminate excessive noise by regularly cleaning the unit’s compressor and coils, along with the area around the equipment itself. You should also check the airflow of the compressor’s fan as partially blocked or dirty compressor fans must work harder to cool the items in the unit, which significantly shortens its life.

Too warm

The main purpose of a refrigerator is, of course, to keep food cold. When it can’t do this effectively, it is time to call a professional. Fridges should store food between 2-4C while freezers keep food at around -17 to -20C. If temperatures fall below these ranges then food can spoil costing your company money and stock.

Ensure your fridge is installed away from heated elements like deep fryers as high temperatures can cause the coil to malfunction. Also avoid dusty and humid areas, which is just as damaging as hot environments.


Pay attention to the condition your refrigerator is in. Cracks, dents, exposed insulation, and mangled hinges are all signs the unit is not running as efficiently as it should. If the fridge’s door is not closing properly then air can escape, making it have to work that much harder to keep food cold. This can cause energy bills to rise and food to spoil.

Repair damage as soon as possible and routinely check that all moving parts are working properly.


As important as the parts are, the very floor your unit stands on is just as significant to its ability to function. Spills inevitably happen around refrigerators making the floor around it susceptible to rotting over time.

Make sure the floor the refrigerator is on is cleaned regularly and attend to spills immediately. If the bottom of the fridge or freezer starts to get warped or soft, don’t try to clean it, buy a new one.

Increasing bills

Chances are your 10-year-old commercial refrigerator or freezer is not running as efficiently as it should. It is also likely out of warranty, which means you are most likely spending more money on repairs than if you just purchased a new unit.

Buying an updated model will not only save you money on electricity bills, but it will also reduce the long-term costs since it will be far less likely to break.

If you have a hunch that your commercial refrigerator is last life then you should trust your instincts and call a professional for an expert opinion. Even if it seems to be working fine it could still be costing you more over time than buying a new one.