It’s important to understand the difference between regular furnace repairs and emergency furnace repairs, and the only way to know this is to identify the severity of the issue at hand. Some problems are a lot more concerning than others and will require immediate attention, and others will be minor and easy to fix. Conducting a small investigation will allow you to determine the severity of the situation, and the following are all considered emergencies, so you will have to call in a professional:

Electrical Issues

Electrical systems provide you with power, and this is what allows your heating and cooling systems to work. When your system turns on, the lights should not flicker, so if you detect this problem, you need to contact a professional technician because it can be very dangerous to work on an electrical system if you don’t know what you’re doing. Inexperience can lead to dangerous consequences, but a professional will assess the situation and will fix your furnace accordingly. Do not attempt repairs that you are not qualified to do because you can put yourself and others at risk.

Loud And Unusual Noises

If your furnace sounds louder than usual, you should contact a professional because it may be an indication of a bigger problem. Louder noise can be a result of loose panels or thermal expansion, and it could be a sign that the belt needs to be replaced. It’s also possible that the motor bearings need to be repaired, so there are a number of issues that can cause your furnace to make odd noises. Even if the problem seems minor, it’s always best to call a service technician because the early detection of a problem will save you from further damage and expensive repair bills.

System Turning On And Off Too Fast

Rapid cycling is problematic and may be a result of a dirty or worn-out air filter. Try replacing this component to see if it makes a difference, but if this step does not solve your problem, it means there is a more serious situation at hand. The problem can be related to the blower motor or the belts, both of which require the services of a professional.

Unpleasant Odours

If you ever smell gas, you must evacuate the premises right away. Make sure everyone leaves the area and prioritize everyone’s safety before you try to get the problem fixed. This applies to all strange odors, so if you smell something odd, get your employees out of the building immediately and do not turn on or off any lights because the small electrical arc created can cause the gas to ignite. Do not take any chances and go outside to call a professional technician right away.

If you ever experience any of these issues, the expert technicians at Grayco Air can help! We can take care of all of your commercial HVAC needs and specialize in industrial HVAC and refrigeration services, so if you are in Toronto, contact us today!