Most HVAC systems have air ducts, and these need to be properly cleaned so that they continue to work efficiently. Cleaning the ductwork is a must because molds, insect feces, dust mites, rodents and animal hair will all accumulate over time, and failure to remove such pollutants will negatively affect your HVAC system. Special equipment is required for this job as these tools are specifically designed to loosen and remove pollutants from the air ducts.

It’s important that you make informed decisions regarding HVAC ductwork maintenance, and the following tips will help in this regard:

Determine whether or not you actually need to clean your HVAC ductwork

A visual inspection will help you answer this question, so if you are physically able to access the different areas of your HVAC system, try looking at it to see if you have a problem. This step should only be attempted if you feel comfortable with this process, and it is recommended that you leave this sort of inspection to professional duct cleaning technicians because they will have the knowledge, tools and skills to complete this task properly and safely. They will apply the right cleaning techniques and will provide you with accurate information.

Figure out the type and amount of debris that is inside your ducts

This information will help you determine the best course of action and will indicate how you should proceed. If, for example, you detect mold growing inside or on the outside surface of your ducts, a thorough moisture issue investigation will need to be completed. You may also discover rodents and insect habitations along with their nesting materials, which will restrict airflow to and from the ductwork. Identifying these problems is not always easy, and a professional opinion may be necessary, so don’t tackle this step on your own and contact a professional instead. They will know how to deal with the situation properly.

Determine whether or not you can clean the ductwork yourself

If you find that debris, pollens and dust are clogging your air ducts, it’s time to have them professionally cleaned. The same is true if you notice that pollutants are collecting on dampers, joints and protruding screws. If you do not contact a professional, you will experience restricted airflow through the system, which will affect its efficiency in the long run. Depending on the severity of the situation, you may also experience premature failure of the entire system, so it is important that you prevent this from happening.

Cleaning and maintaining your HVAC ductwork is a must, and the experts at Grayco Air can help with this task. We specialize in commercial and industrial HVAC services, and our reputable team of technicians will ensure your system is in great shape. We offer commercial refrigeration services and so much more, so if you are in Toronto, contact us today!