The efficiency of your commercial HVAC system is very important because it can help you save a ton of money. More importantly, improving this aspect will also create a healthy environment for tenants and employees, so you need to make sure your building is running efficiently. If you think there may be a problem in this regard, the following tips will help you improve your system’s performance:

Seal Your Building Properly

You need to make sure there are no air leaks that allow hot or cold air to enter the building. Leaks are very problematic because it means that your HVAC units are working harder than they should regulate your building. Not only will this cause your HVAC systems to work overtime, but it would also cost you a lot more, and you will have to pay a significantly higher price to cover your energy bills. Check the pipes, outlets, uninsulated ducts, and the roof as these are common places where leaks can occur.

Keep Your Vents Open To Preserve Air Flow

Some people close the vents in low-traffic areas, and as tempting, as this may be, it’s important that you leave them open because closed vents can lead to temperature changes, and your HVAC system will work harder to try and neutralize this aspect. This would result in additional energy usage and would be very wasteful, so make sure your vents are open and unblocked.

Change Your Air Filters

These are used to keep dust, and airborne particles at bay, and air filters also protect your equipment from debris. Clean air filters will do this job efficiently, whereas dirty air filters will block regular airflow, causing your HVAC unit to overwork. Clean air filters are a must because they will catch debris and prevent it from traveling any further. They will also prevent your system from using unnecessary power or from running longer to make up for any deficiencies. It is generally recommended that you change your air filters every one to three months, so make sure you follow this schedule because it is a simple and effective way of improving energy efficiency.

Be Mindful Of Idle Electronics

If you have electronics that are not used regularly or often, it’s wasteful to leave them plugged in or powered on as they will consume unnecessary amounts of energy. This applies to exercise equipment or media systems in waiting areas, so take a look at dormant electronics because they will drain energy and release latent heat, which will cause your system to work harder than it should.

Educate Your Tenants And Employees

Those using your building need to be aware of their energy use, so train your employees and empower your tenants with the right knowledge so that they know about energy efficiency and its importance.

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