Stale indoor air combined with commercial heating systems can cause respiratory issues and are especially problematic for those with allergies because they can produce dust mites, pet dander, and even mold, which you do not want circulating throughout your office.

Many allergy-inducing elements are odorless so you may not notice them, although symptoms include sleepiness, exhaustion, and digestive issues in addition to respiratory problems. If you’d like to prevent these symptoms and remain comfortable within your office, you must improve your indoor air quality and the following ways will help:

  • Ventilate

Airflow will successfully remove stagnant air while refreshing the air indoors, which is why ventilation is so important in maintaining good indoor air quality. You can open some windows (if your office allows it) or have a ventilator installed, ideally in the kitchen as cooking appliances are known to introduce air pollution into an office. You can choose to have your vents be part of an existing window or have them retrofitted.

  • Clean And Change Your Filters

This is something that needs to be done regularly; otherwise, your filter will be unable to clean the air and will not remove impurities and pollen. A clean filter will allow your HVAC unit to improve the air quality in your office by refreshing stale air.

  • Clean Your Office Regularly

Dust mites will linger in fabric and on desks, so carpets, furniture, keyboards, and cubicle walls must be cleaned often; otherwise, dust mites will lead to poor indoor air quality.

  • Purchase Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

A clean office is always important and using the right products is equally important so that toxic ingredients are not left behind. Certain cleaners can contribute to poor air quality, so if you don’t want your indoor air to become affected negatively, use environmentally friendly products to contain the dust in your office.

  • Place Beeswax Candles Around Your Foyer

These candles act as air purifiers and are completely natural. In addition to reducing contaminants in your building, they also smell fantastic, so it’s a great way of creating a nice ambiance while improving your indoor air.

  • Purchase Bamboo Or Ivy Houseplants

These will help remove toxins from the air inside your office and provide additional oxygen as well. They are also beautiful and serve as decor, so these plants will be a wonderful addition to your office.

The quality of your indoor air is incredibly important, so if you want to improve this aspect of your commercial building, give Grayco Air a call today. We service the Toronto area and specialize in commercial refrigeration services and industrial HVAC, so for all of your heating and air conditioning needs, contact us anytime!